• Our World Prints

An extraordinary range of limited-edition world prints by national award-winning photographer Trevor Reed. Cataloguing one man’s remarkable journey over 15 years, these images portray diverse scenes from some of the most incredible places on earth. Available in editions of just 75 to enhance their exclusivity, framed prints and canvases can be previewed using the website’s specially developed software or by calling the studio for advice and help on choosing an image. Each limited-edition print is certificated and accompanied by an information card.


Title: Free Wheeling
Country: Australia

There is nothing more exhilarating then a road trip. Well, perhaps there is one thing - a road trip in a vintage Cadillac along Australia’s east coast. With only a few unthreatening clouds to punctuate the brilliant blue sky it’s time to kick back and enjoy the open road.

"Many people ask me how this shot was taken. During a 1500 mile journey from Sydney to Cairns we overtook a huge road train. My attention was attracted by its mirror-like chrome wheels flashing brilliant Aussie sunlight in my direction. I grabbed the camera and set to work. Due to a very fast shutter speed of only one 4000th of a second, the reflection of the clouds and the Cadillac are very crisp in the hub of the image. In the same instance, the camera shutter remained open sufficiently long enough to introduce into the rotating chrome wheel nuts just the right amount of motion blur. The resulting naturally-occurring combination of reflections, blurs, warp and colour, creates a vibrant and retro image that will appeal to anyone who has ever dreamt of taking that life-changing road trip."


Title: Big Boys' Toys
Country: Chuuk, FSM

What is striking about this image is the scale and weight of the metals around this young boy. Encased in rust they lie unused and until now undisturbed. He is clearly familiar with this place as he is able to navigate its many treacherous foot-wells with ease, deciding finally to perch himself on a seat that could have been made for that very purpose. The vast scale of these derelict war machines juxtaposes with the diminutive scale and physical fragility of the child.


Title: Celestial Phenomena
Country: Yap, FSM

This beautiful creature, oblivious to its own grandeur, inhabits the oceans in silent evidence of the diverse exquisiteness that lies beneath the seas. Propelling itself through the water by rippling the skirts of its body, its movement, though unconventional, is nevertheless graceful and captivating to observe. Its peculiar shape is framed by the dark seas of the Pacific Ocean, lit by only the stars, its glowing celestial patterns echoing the constellations above.


Title: Tiger Flower
Country: Venezuela

The elegance and fragility of this flower highlights the need to preserve the natural environment and its multitude of parts. Whether on our doorstep or in more exotic locations we can find abundant examples of natural wonders that deserve our committed attention.

"This particular specimen is a real horticultural rarity. Referred to colloquially as a Tiger Flower, Stegolepis Guianensis is found growing in natural beds of quartz crystal in the remote enclaves atop Venezuela’s flat-top Tepui Mountains and is rarely photographed. Capturing this image I felt a little like those great Victorian botanists who travelled the world looking for rare and unknown species to bring back for the keen gardeners and collectors of rare plants."


Title: Sandstorm
Country: Mongolia

-40 degree temperatures combined with gale-force winds find two Mongolian villagers seeking protection from the biting cold with the aid of gas masks in what must surely be the outer-most extremes of human habitation. Harrowing, epic and apocalyptic, this image is a definite statement piece for any photographic art collection and perhaps the most evocative image in the Trevor Reed catalogue. This enigmatic shot is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who like to be challenged by their art.

"This image is not only visually challenging but was also somewhat of a technical one. Chards of sand were being blown through the air at gale-force speed, scratching every surface they touched. The influx of grit and sand from the storm into the camera caused the lens to seize. Just a few seconds more and this shot would never have been captured. I had to rely on the spare lens I was carrying for the rest of my journey."


Title: Seeds of Change
Country: Vietnam

No combined harvester and mechanical thresher for this woman. She continues the age-old method of winnowing rice, exhibiting a stoicism and grace that will survive all manner of hardship and disaster. Thanks to her hard work her family continues to thrive amidst life’s difficulties. The disappearance of traditional and sustainable agricultural methods is not a trend seen only in the west. Increased pressure to feed growing populations means that most nations are adopting more intensive farming methods.

"Shielded from the blistering sun by their conical hats, these peasant farmers in Vietnam reminded me of just how detached from our food production we have become. We do not live near the land in which it grows, we do not sow the seeds, nor do we ourselves reap the harvest. Instead we clock up food-miles as our produce arrives on planes and in crates from around the world. In many ways a part of the food experience is lost as we rarely have the joy of growing what we eat."


Title: Waiting for Sheila
Country: Australia

It’s a story to which men the world over can relate. You take her out for a memorable day and she spends half of it looking for the loo. Spare a thought then for this poor bloke. In Australia’s Northern Territories a "Toylet" is hard to come by, so she is likely to want to stop whenever she can. Still, like all understanding partners, he patiently waits for Sheila.

"One of the joys for a photographer is seeing how people react to your work. And with this Aussie bloke, the reaction is always a humorous one. Husbands look at him with a quiet and understanding smile, while their wives pedantically point out the obvious spelling blunder above his head. Those who purchase this image for their bathrooms often find that their guests spend a little longer in the bathroom than normal, enjoying this charming and witty shot."


Title: Jade Pool
Country: China

Jade, so synonymous with China, is treasured the world over for its tactile surface and discreet lustre. Its special qualities have been an attraction to mankind for thousands of years. How remarkable then to find within China’s mystical forests a pool with the same fine nuances of green. A serene harmony of ancient forests, majestic slopes and a pool of jade.

"The pool seems to steal the reflected light from the damp early morning slopes and trees. As a photographer you quickly come to realise that scenes are often at their most enchanting when most of the world is asleep, blissfully unaware of the show that nature is secretly putting on."


Title: Nature’s Canvas
Country: India

Of all the artists that we know nature is by far the most prolific, demonstrating the widest range of styles. From the classical landscapes that inspired Turner to human forms and organic shapes that inspired the abstract works of Moore, the vast canvas that is our planet is decorated with remarkable works of art. Some immortalised in stone last for millennia, some bloom and die within a season. But some of nature’s most incredible works are transient and fleeting, lasting only a few moments, like the movement of shadows across the wind-blown sand.

"As the fierce sun makes way for a blanket of stars, the desert assumes a magical golden quality so typical of an early desert evening. The light is almost gone but enough of it remains to work a remarkable transformation upon the desert, bringing to the fore patterns and textures that would otherwise not be seen in the hard light of day. Neither words nor camera can ever adequately capture such a moment, but with this image I hope to offer a glimpse."


Title: Amazon Sunset
Country: Brazil

Sunsets have been committed to canvas for centuries. What is it about the transition from day to night that has had such a hold over artists and their patrons for years? The appeal is multifaceted; they are not only opportunities to enjoy a celestial display but also symbolise change, transition, and new beginnings.

"Weather plays a big part in a successful sunset shot. Ideally the sky will be partially clouded, as the resulting interplay of cloud and light creates the requisite drama needed for a great sunset shot. Many sunsets are often simply a study of colour, washed canvases of reds, pinks and yellows. But a sunset shot that really works integrates all of these desired colours with other elements, such as a striking foreground or an area of movement to show how the world around is responding to the arrival of night."


Title: Monkey See, Monkey Do
Country: Nicaragua

As if to say, "It wasn’t me!" It’s hard to deny being up to mischief when your face is covered in the evidence. Afternoon tea will never be the same with this cheeky monkey. Although uninvited and lacking the etiquette so needed when partaking in this most typically English repast, his impishness will prevail and his lack of table manners will be forgiven.

"Seeing this little monkey inviting himself to tea put me in mind of the colonial ladies who took the ritual of afternoon tea around the world. With its complex rules of etiquette and its strict dress code, I wonder how they would have responded had a monkey landed on their fine linen table cloth and begun to bury its greedy face in the sugar bowl. You can’t help but smile when you see what this cheeky little chap is up to."


Title: Rejuvenation
Country: Myanmar

Water it arguably the world’s most valued commodity and it’s not hard to see why. What could be more rejuvenating then even this most primitive of showers? This monk from a small town in provincial Yangon has an ascetic life, which makes the simple act of bathing one of his few pleasures. Water and light can produce the most wonderful effects when combined. On this human canvas the droplets reflect the light where, for a few fleeting moments, they become like sparkling jewels in their appearance until falling to the earth and draining away.


Title: Awaiting the Rains
Country: Cambodia

A scorched land; arid, lifeless and baked. Who would have thought that this was and will again be a submerged river bed hidden from view by a weight of water above it? A striking image that symbolises the earth’s cycles of regeneration and a poignant reminder that better times will come.

"The success of this image lies in its regressing perspective which focuses the eye on the naturally-forming geometric shapes and earthy textures."


Title: Rustic Gorge
Country: Australia

The almost ethereal appearance of the cascade and the ochre colour of the rocks combine to make this a truly outstanding picture. Full of autumnal crispness it adds colour and movement to virtually any hanging space. The presence of all of the earth’s elements bring balance and imbue this image with tremendous calm. Unlike some of the world’s great waterfalls this one in Australia’s Northern Territories is completely unspoiled by man. Its inaccessibility deters all but the most intrepid who are rewarded for their efforts with a most spectacular display.


Title: Transportation
Country: El Salvador

The seasoned traveller quickly comes to realise that to go where the locals go, to see what the locals see, you have to be prepared to travel as the locals travel. In El Salvador that means taking the bus. They may not be air-conditioned and they may not keep to a timetable but with a paint job like this who cares? Retired from service as school buses in the USA, these workhorses receive a little customisation before taking to the potholed dirt tracks of Central and South America.

"I admire the character of the people of El Salvador. They may have very little but they celebrate life through colour and self-expression. I love this image with that iconic three point star, a symbol of European industrialism, contrasted with that paint job which could only come from this remote part of the world."


Title: Vanishing Point
Country: Indonesia

Like many urban environments this pier in Indonesia provides a vital link for many of the city’s residents. In their rush to reach their destinations, very few are likely to have stopped to appreciate this structure as an object of interest. It reminds us not just to look to the end of the destination but to enjoy the moments in between and to see the aesthetic in a utilitarian setting.

"I really enjoy spaces such as these. They carry out the jobs they were intended to do without demanding attention and without any acclaim. We pass through hundreds of similar spaces in our lives and seldom do we stop to appreciate their discreet architectural merits and the way they facilitate our busy lives."


Title: Charming Footwear
Country: India

Women the world over love their extravagant foot wear. Whether it’s their Jimmy Choos or their Louboutins, they just can’t get enough. This pair of party feet belong to a young woman whose decorative footwear is a symbol of her status in her native Rajasthan. Exotic and extravagant her every step jingles as the silver charms frame her toes and dance to her every step.


Title: Indigo Twilight
Country: Chuuk, FSM

Imagine yourself relaxing beneath this outstretched palm. The sense of total relaxation watching the sun set amidst a superabundance of colour and changing twilight sky. Enjoy the feeling of peace and space, both becoming rarer in day-to-day life.

"During the day palm trees act like magnets to all who enjoy the sense of the exotic. Picnics take place under their boughs, hammocks are hung casually from their trunks and the names of new loves are carved into their husks. In fact, the trees endure all manner of harassment during the day. But come the night they enjoy their own period of tranquillity. I took this picture during one such period after the fisherman had returned to their homes and the trees are left with just the beach, the ocean, and of course the magnificent indigo twilight sky."


Title: Timber Sentry
Country: Australia

Standing surveying the land around, this once proud tree cannot hide the harsh treatment it has received from the sun and the moisture-starved earth. Its last leaf fell years ago and its woody trunk gnarled and ravaged stands bare and exposed, but it retains a certain beauty in its resilience. Its true form and shape once hidden by a covering of leaves can now be fully appreciated.

"As soon as I saw this image I knew it had to be in black and white. Stripped of its leaves the tree had no impressive green canopy to show off. What it did have was a wonderful sculptural quality and strong form that I knew would make for a dramatic centre piece."


Title: Wife of Lot
Country: Bolivia

"But Lot’s wife, who was behind him, began to look back, and she became a pillar of salt." (Genesis 19:26). The biblical account of the wife of Lot has been a subject depicted by artists for centuries. Pondering the message of warning and the folly of developing a yearning for something previously repudiated, painters have long committed the judgement of Lot’s wife to canvas.

"At 4000 metres above sea level the Bolivian desert is not somewhere to linger. The air is so rarefied here that at these altitudes turning back can be very costly indeed. When I saw this stone pillar I thought of the biblical account of Lot’s wife. A traveller taking a little too long to absorb these surroundings may easily end up being absorbed by them. A polarizing filter was used to concentrate the vivid colour of the sky, one of the few effects that cannot be reproduced digitally. The result is striking, with a broad band of cobalt blue descending to meet the creamy sands and towering volcanoes."


Title: Serene Mist
Country: China

There is something very delicate about the Chinese landscape. Like the fine brush strokes of Chinese texts it is composed of elegant curves and subtle lines. This image is almost entirely devoid of movement. The air is calm, the water mirror-like in its stillness and the mist low-lying and motionless. It is hard to conceive that people live in this landscape, but the small house that nestles into the hillside and the fishing platform in the waters are evidence that somebody inhabits this remarkable place. It is almost as though the serene mist has hidden this little outpost and its mysterious inhabitants for centuries.


Title: Post Meridian
Country: Australia

This image is largely a study of shade. The eye instinctively recognises the source of the light as it leaves tell-tale shadows over this appealing line of wooden posts. Tantalisingly, the sea has been excluded from the image, ensuring that the form and simple arrangement of the posts is not overshadowed by a dramatic seascape. As each post takes you nearer to the ocean the eye is drawn across the deep soft sand to the imaginary waters that lie beyond.


Title: Coral Pink
Country: Guam

An abstract and hypnotic natural display from this living coral. Accenting the sea bed with splashes of colour it is easy to forget that this flower of the sea is a living animal filtering the water for minute but life-sustaining nutrients. Many corals impress with their vast scale and enormous coverage, but this gentle specimen is as dainty as it is delicate and is all the more attractive for it.

"I took this in the warm waters around the Pacific island of Guam during an evening dive. The dark, still and seemingly lifeless surface hides an underwater carnival of colour and movement. This particular aquatic show-off only displays its full glory at night, rewarding those who take up the nocturnal invitation to see it."


Title: Siblings
Country: Vietnam

In rural Vietnam parents work tremendously hard over long hours to provide for themselves and their families, meaning that childcare often falls to their older brothers and sisters. This shot captures one such family where an older sister acts as guardian and impromptu mode of transport for her young brother. Peering over her protective shoulder, he sees the world from a very comfortable and secure vantage point. A captivating and poignant image popular with those who like their art to have an anthropological message.


Title: Ultraviolet
Country: Australia

Some of the most vibrantly coloured of all of earth’s creatures are seen by only a fraction of its population - creatures such as this stunning coral on the Great Barrier Reef. Peculiarly, part of a coral’s full range of colours is only visible when viewed under ultraviolet light. This magnificent specimen, however, created an exhilarating violet colour display of its own. This was a special moment for me, to be diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and realising just how incredible our planet’s seas are. This image has for some time been a colourful gem in my collection, but as people become increasingly aware of the threat to the inhabitants of our seas I am pleased to be releasing it to widen that awareness.


Title: Make Do and Mend
Country: China

Dignified and clearly content this unlikely fashionista embellishes a garment to wear or perhaps to sell. She reminds us that in an ever more disposable world, some things are worth holding on to. They may be old and worn and perhaps in need of a little patching up, but contentment can come from learning to make do and mend.

"This was one of the many characters I met on my journey through vast and rapidly changing China. I doubt that she will ever embrace the throw-away culture of the China that is developing around her."


Title: Mystic Dawn
Country: Myanmar

Seemingly as organic and as integral to these forests as are the trees themselves, this complex of Burmese temples sits serenely in a bed of low-lying mist and below a magnificent saffron sky. Taken at dawn from inside one of the thousands of 800 year old temples in the region it is hard to picture a more exotic and mythical landscape. Noteworthy for its composition and delicacy of colour, this image lends itself particularly well to a domestic setting from where it can transport you to this distant land.


Title: Age of Wisdom
Country: Vietnam

Meet Miss Vietnam 1975! OK she may not be a conventional beauty but she personifies the character and resilience of her people, the hill-tribes people of Vietnam. By western standards their existence is a difficult one and their way of life threatened by increasing exposure to the wider world. In an ever more globalised society remarkable characters like this are becoming historical oddities, a relic of a world that once had remote pockets inhabited by self-sufficient communities. Therefore, capturing them in their day-to-day life is so important for the consideration of future generations.

"These people are remarkably satisfied with their way of life. They go about the rudimentary things with good humour and contentment. They do not look with envy at the strange westerners with their space-age jackets and flashing gizmos, they simply look on with bemusement. For her the vanities of life are an irrelevance as living is everything. This is the realisation and indeed the beauty that comes with age."


Title: Vertigo
Country: Hong Kong

In their insatiable hunger for ever more space these concrete juggernauts are looking to the skies. And the sky is the limit. Where once broad trees stretched their boughs towards the sun, now these lofty towers jostle for supremacy in the heady skies above. A commentary on the ever-changing urban landscape and an exploration of vertical spaces, this image sits well in a corporate environment or in a modern living space for those who have a head for heights.

"As a photographer or indeed as a tourist there is always a temptation when seeing a skyscraper to rush to see the view from the top. Although making up much of the cityscape these great towers of steel and glass are often overlooked in themselves and viewed merely as vantage points. I wanted to reverse that attitude with this image. I wanted to show that often the view from the bottom is just as impressive as the view from the top."


Title: Battlefield Playground
Country: Chuuk, FSM

What a difference a generation can make. Once the scene of warfare and strife this redundant cannon is now a young adventurer’s private playground. As this place is forgotten by all but a few old soldiers, he can spend hours here making big plans. Who knows where he will end up, but one thing is for sure he will always fondly remember his days in this most unusual of play areas. A scene with a strong message of hope, that in time all conflicts can come to an end.


Title: Balanced Diet
Country: Myanmar

This budding business woman goes to extraordinary lengths to offer her customers a balanced diet. With a near balletic performance she wades out to passing boats to sell her wares. On this stretch of the Ayerarwady River many courageous and industrious women make a living in this way, impressing onlookers with their resolve. With no guarantee of making a sale they battle the elements to make what is to people in the developed world only a few pence.

"This lady provides a good example to all who struggle to maintain a balanced diet. She illustrates that it takes skill, perseverance and a whole lot of keeping your head above water. Not an easy thing to do when also trying to balance our many other commitments in life."


Title: Monkey Business
Country: Costa Rica

His business is staying alive, in defiance of the human activity that threatens his existence. He does this unaware of the danger, and the fact that, with some irony, it is his engaging appearance that draws the very attention that threatens him.

"In the world of commercial travel, animal encounters are often organised by travel companies who take people to swim with dolphins, to whale-watch or to see other animals in their natural environment. But there is a certain excitement that comes from a chance encounter. A corner of your eye catches a tiny movement, a rustling in the tree canopy and there looking down from his primate penthouse high above is one of nature’s exotic species. I hope our increasing encroachment into the habitats of such creatures does not deprive future generations of that same feeling of excitement which comes with encounters like this."


Title: Lily of Burma
Country: Myanmar

Take a lesson from the lilies of the field, how they grow; they do not toil, nor do they spin; but I tell you that not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed as one of these." (Matthew 6:28, 29) Effortlessly regal, this Lily of Burma (as the country was known before being renamed Myanmar) is a powerful reminder that our true beauty is not a product of toil and adornment, but is a result of allowing our inherent colour to shine to the world. An explosion of intense colour that will not fade and wither with time, this is an image that will lift your spirit every day and add vibrancy to both home and heart.


Title: Shepherdess
Country: India

A beautiful shepherdess tends sheep in India, taking the flocks from one desert waterhole to another. Her exotic garments come alive In the light of this barren and seemingly lifeless desert in Rajasthan. She rises early to tend her family’s flock, as they need to be moved before the intense heat of the late morning sun begins to reach its peak. Her attire gives away little of her vocation; only her staff reveals her role in this landscape. Young in years she nevertheless knows this land and its dangers well. Her mother and her mother’s mother before her all walked these dry lands caring for flocks and carrying the very same staff that she now carries.

"This staff is not just for decoration, it serves a very important function. Wild dogs roam these deserts looking for food, be that a sheep, or the sandwiches of an unfortunate photographer. This shepherdess grinned with amusement as I flapped and chased off the sneaky packs of dogs that had conspired to rob me of my lunch."


Title: Native Asylum
Country: Australia

This image has the potential to elicit a variety of reactions in people. Some believe this young girl represents a plight, being trapped between a perceived need to integrate and the desire to retain what is unique and special about her heritage. After all, as more and more people travel the world and populations migrate, we become increasingly aware of the cultures that make us unique, but with that increased awareness comes the challenge of integration. Others simply see in the image a child with deep and soulful eyes and a quizzical expression.

"In taking this image I did not set out to make a political statement, I simply saw a face full of character that I had to take a picture of. I do not regret that it produces conversation about inequality and social issues. I just hope amidst this, people can take the time to admire her for what she is, a beautiful child and not a symbol of contentious political issues."


Title: Panniers & Plaits
Country: Ecuador

Evocative of the patience and diligence of her native South-American people, this skilled craftswoman proudly carries on the skills of untold generations. Free from the frustrations and constraints of working with machines she embellishes lives with exquisite woven works, her tireless fingers creating objects of timeless quality and beauty. Sitting among her woven wares even her hair advertises her virtuosity as a craftswoman with fingers that don’t stop weaving.


Title: Water Babies
Country: India

Why is it you have a fight to get your kids into the bath, then a fight to get them out? Imagine the challenge of getting these three out of their bath, the Hooghly River in Calcutta. Its waters are by no means clean, but these water babies are happy to have somewhere cool to play.

"Whether it is the paddling pool in the back garden, a hosepipe fight in summer, or swimming in the North Sea in winter, people are compulsively drawn to water. Some would say that it is because our bodies are made of mostly water that we feel so comfortable in it. The fact is, the simple pleasure of splashing around has universal appeal, irrespective of culture, language or race."


Title: Arches of Light
Country: Columbia

As a photographer I never cease to be amazed by the seemingly endless effects of light. In this case turning a cold and otherwise daunting subterranean tunnel into a promenade of golden arches that draw the eye through the image, inviting you to follow. The abstract qualities of this shot make it a sure conversation piece and the discussion invariably ends with someone asking, "Where does it lead?" Taken in Columbia beneath the imposing walls of a fort in Cartagena, this underground network of tunnels built by the Spanish conquistadors makes for a fascinating and hushed diversion from the bustling crowds overhead.


Title: Laguna Verde
Country: Bolivia

"One of the things that strikes you when I first arrive in any country is how unceremonious the arrival can be. You land on tarmac, walk through fairly uniform arrivals into terminal buildings filled with familiar sights that give away little about where in the world you are. You could be in any one of hundreds of airports on the planet. But leave the dull universality of the airport behind and at times the traveller could be forgiven for thinking that he had travelled, not to a foreign land, but to a whole other world. Occasionally a landscape you encounter will be is so alien, that you wonder ‘am I still on the earth I know?’ This Bolivian landscape was one such occasion when I truly felt I was somewhere unearthly. At Laguna Verde, simply meaning Green Lake, the saturated blue gradient of the sky falls over this sharply rising volcano producing a curious green as it blends with the algae-rich waters of the lake."


Title: Dreams and Realities
Country: Yap, FSM

Eyes are the windows to the soul. How true in the case of this subject from Yap. Her enigmatic face betrays little of her feelings, but with her confident eyes she says so much. At this young age perhaps she is unaware of the many obstacles that may prevent her from realising her dreams, but for now she is happy just to dream.

"When I set off on my travels I expected to be wowed by the wonders of our planet, its mountains, its seas, and its forests. What I had not expected was how moved I would be by meeting the people who make up our earthly home. I realised that in every part of the world people share common aspirations, dreams and hopes. What differs, however, from place to place is the opportunity to fulfil those aspirations and dreams."


Title: Manta
Country: Yap, FSM

The gracefulness of this creature gives a feeling of peace, almost weightlessness that revives the exhausted spirit. Set against the vivid colour of the water, it exhibits a soothing effect on the harried soul.

""The bubbles in this image are from my underwater breathing apparatus as I lay on the bottom of the sea bed some 30 metres down. Squadrons of Manta rays converge on this site to be spruced up by shoals of cleaner fish who remove tiny parasites from their tough, shark-like skin. It is a truly spectacular scene to behold, one that is known to take place in only a few places in the world. As the bubbles rose to the surface this ray was treated to not only a basic clean but also a bit of a Jacuzzi."


Title: Puppy Love
Country: Myanmar

Parents all over the world know all too well how much children enjoy fancy dress. With her delicate floral headdress and elaborate face-paints this young starlet wears the wealth of her native Myanmar. Despite her extravagant appearance this girl lives in a very poor part of the world and when viewing this image it is hard to ignore the contrast between her regal attire and the humble surroundings in which she sits. This contrast in many ways typifies the condition of modern day Myanmar, the country formally known as Burma, wherein remnants of tremendous wealth sit alongside great poverty.

"She may be dressed in her best but she is still happy to create a bed for her canine companion in the folds of her finery. I imagine that this young girl and her pet puppy are at the same stage in their lives and that through their shared experiences they will form an unbreakable bond."


Title: Stately Stone
Country: Australia

Stone formations all over the world are popular places of pilgrimage for tourists and indeed the religiously inclined. Standing stones are often manmade monuments, a testament to the engineering skills of ancient civilizations. But the most spectacular stone monuments of all are the product, not of human hands, but are the result of the earth’s natural processes and cycles. This huge boulder sits assertively on top of two stones that under the immense weight have been buried into the dry red soils of the Australian outback. How it got there no one knows. With its orange glow it seems to fight back against the encroaching night sky that is soon to cast a vast shadow over it, turning its impressive colours into ever-darkening shades of grey until the black of night takes it from view. But for these few last moments of light it appears to radiate as if a beacon in this vast natural wilderness.


Title: Comfort Zone
Country: Australia

This clown fish is seen here sinking into the soft tendrils of a sea anemone after an expedition foraging for food. It can rest safely from predators and other unwanted attentions, protected by the waving fronds. One must not be fooled by the soft and gentle appearance of this anemone or indeed the innocent appearance of the clown fish. The anemone’s tendrils are capable of delivering a neurotoxic sting, to the effects of which the clown fish are immune. The clown fish can therefore take comfort in its instinctive knowledge that, when nestled in this most unusual of sanctuaries, it is out of reach of hungry predators. Also, the clown fish is no 'soft touch'. It is a feisty and fiercely territorial little follow bearing a set of teeth enabling it to inflict a nasty nip. So whilst it can avoid trouble in the safe sanctuary of the anemone, it is in fact, quite capable of defending itself.


Title: Human Race
Country: Chuuk, FSM

This image at a glance is eerily reminiscent of the chilling images of children fleeing napalm strikes in Vietnam in the 1970’s that defined a dark part of the twentieth century. But unlike those famous images this shot of children mid-race, reflects the carefree spirit of childhood. They run for the sheer joy of running and for the thrill of competing. An exhilarating shot with a restorative message and a global appeal.

"I recently had the opportunity to review the now iconic photographs taken during the Vietnamese war. They did not make for pleasant viewing, but I was struck by the similarities between those images and this one I captured while in Chuuk. It was, I recall, a particularly breezy day and everything seemed to be full of movement, the trees, the makeshift fences and the long grasses. And then, from off in the distance, four figures running their way towards me. I lifted my camera and stood at their imaginary finishing line, where the victor celebrated his win."