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“I would highly commend his talent.”

Derek Conway, Vice-Chamberlain of Her Majesty’s Household

“I have never enjoyed having my photograph taken and was not looking forward to my photo session at Trevor Reed Photography. Despite age and cynicism I was put at ease by Trevor’s enthusiasm for his trade and his professionalism. I would highly commend his talent and capacity to turn a chore for some into enjoyable experience for all.”

Testimonials image 01.

“Everyone remarks on how fabulous it is”

Alan & Michelle

“We saw examples of Trevor’s work at a wedding exhibition and knew straight away that he was the one we wanted to do our photos. Although initially we thought the price was a little high we believed he was worth the extra. Everyone who sees our album remarks on how fabulous it is and that they’ve not seen anything like it. Our wedding was one of the happiest days of our lives, made more special and enjoyable by the very involvement of Trevor.”

Testimonials image 01.

“We decided to fly him out to Australia”

Karly & Jay

“I found my wedding photographer before I found my husband! Trevor was definitely my first choice if I ever were to get married as I loved his work from the minute I set eyes on it. I never thought I would have met my husband in Australia, though, and for many reasons that was where our wedding would be. We searched for a photographer in Sydney and met with few but nothing compared to what I'd seen of Trevor's work and my husband-to-be agreed. So we decided to fly him out to Australia to photograph our wedding. He arrived in Sydney ready for our wedding day and went above and beyond to ensure our pictures would have the best possible outcome. And we have to say the results were exquisite. The hardest part was to choose the final selection for the album as they were all so breath-taking. We couldn't have imagined having anyone else part of our special day and capturing it in the way he did as his creativity, professionalism and personality are truly second to none.”

Testimonials image 01.

“An artist at work and a real people person”

Jimmy & Karen

“Having photos taken by Trevor can only be likened to having one of your best friends in the room on one of the most nerve-racking days of your life. He was, funny and down to earth whilst remaining totally professional - an artist at work and a real people person. Trevor created a collection of stunning memories of a truly fantastic day.”

Testimonials image 01.

“A wedding album you’ll never tire of revisiting”

April & Duncan

“For those of you who want a wedding album you’ll never tire of revisiting, Trevor is the only photographer for you. We were thrilled how Trevor’s flair, originality and awareness of the environment manifested itself through the camera lens and onto the pages of our album. We found he provided a truly unique experience, was dedicated to perfection and produced an unrivalled array of photos for us to enjoy. Trevor has provided for us a wonderful, exceptional and beautiful memory if our special day. We can only unreservedly recommend his talent.”

Testimonials image 01.

“Captured the best day of our lives”

Ramin & Amanda

“As soon as we saw his exhibition stand and after chatting with Trevor for only a couple of minutes we were won over by his great personality. Every guest at our wedding commented what a fantastic photographer we had and were so happy with the way he made everyone feel at ease and at how passionate he is about his work. We couldn't have wished for a better photographer and Trevor really helped towards making our wedding so special - the photos have captured the best day of our lives and we are so proud to show off our album. Trevor has a way of making you want your photo taken and has the ability of getting the best out of everyone in the picture.”

Testimonials image 01.

“Warm approach and all-round professionalism”

Joe & Carole

“The reasons we chose Trevor was for his unique style, his light-hearted, warm approach and all-round professionalism. He was able to mix with people of all age groups at the wedding and had the remarkable ability to create the finest natural pictures, bringing out the best in everyone. On receiving our album, to say that we were overwhelmed is an understatement. It’s not a wedding album, it’s an absolute work of art. Each page tells its own story of our special day. It will long live in our memories as will the memory of Trevor himself. We could never put a price on the album he produced for Carole and I, and we have to say he is without doubt worth every penny he charges.”

Testimonials image 01.

“It far exceeded all our expectations”

Glenn & Clare

“When we booked Trevor as our photographer we knew we were going to get a good wedding album, but in actual fact it far exceeded all our expectations. We loved his fun, quirky style of photography and the fact that every photo looked so natural. We had looked at a lot of other photographers’ work and felt that so much of it had been done before, their photos lacking feeling and excitement. This could not be said of Trevor’s work. He put 100% into helping make our wedding the fantastic day it was. All our family and friends love the photos so much. They say they’ve never seen a wedding album like it.”

Testimonials image 01.

“The best set of photos they’ve ever seen”

Jill & John-Paul

“Trev you’re not a photographer you’re a gifted artist. Our photos are sooooo much better than we expected, and we expected A LOT! We had an amazing day and you managed to capture every moment. We are taken back to our special day every time we look at our sexy album. It’s a beautiful reminder of the happy occasion and a story well told. As well as the quality of the finished product, we were delighted at the energy and enthusiasm you showed, which added to the enjoyment of the guests on the day. Everyone who has seen our album have said it’s the best set of photos they’ve ever seen. That says it all.”

Testimonials image 01.

“His availability determined our wedding date”

Eirlys & Keith

“Following a trip up to Newcastle from where we live in Wales we got to see Trevor's work at a wedding exhibition and we decided there and then that he was the photographer we wanted for our wedding day. So we booked the date with him for the August bank holiday. The bizarre thing about this was that until we had spoken to Trevor we had not actually settled on a day. It was his availability that determined our wedding date. On the big day itself Trevor blended in as one of the guests and his wacky way made all our guests feel at home and he managed to capture the occasion with excellent shots. The result is a superb album to treasure for our memories of a wonderful day. We both would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for making our wedding day a day to remember for the rest of our lives. Everybody that has seen our album to date has been really impressed at the professionalism of your work.”

Testimonials image 01.

“A talented and creative photographer”

Ryan & Nichola

“Trevor you are a without doubt a talented and creative photographer. You have the capacity to capture the moment in a way that few people can and your work is distinctive and a joy to look at. We relive the moment each time we look at the photos and see things that amuse and delight us. You managed to make having our photos taken enormous fun. Friends comment on the unique style and settings you used. I am delighted we had our photographs done by you. We love’em.”

Testimonials image 01.

“Our photographs are fantastic”

Sue & Lee

“Many thanks for making our wedding so special. Our photographs are fantastic.”

Testimonials image 01.

“The most timeless masterpiece”

Ricardo & Betty

“Our family cannot say enough about the treasures in the photographs we received from Trevor Reed. Our wedding album is the most timeless masterpiece captured by his ingenious eye. We were fortunate to have Trevor travel from England all the way to our home in California. After his long journey he immediately started capturing moments, moments we thought were insignificant but through his eyes things he knew we would cherish. His tenacity to capture the right angles and the right mood truly shined through when we saw our finished album. Never did we think his suggestions would create such magnificent photographs. We are forever appreciative for the time, willingness and the forever cherished photographs from Trevor Reed.”

Testimonials image 01.

“We would never use anyone else”

Phillip & Louise

“Trevor did a fabulous job photographing our wedding day. Each time we view the pictures it brings back the atmosphere of the day which he captured it so well. His style of photography suits such a joyous occasion as a wedding. He mingled and moved among the guests, ever poised to get that elusive shot. He puts fun and photography in the same sentence. We've also used Trevor's commercial services at work and for our daughters graduation. We would never use anyone else.”

Testimonials image 01.

“It continues to rekindle cherished memories”

Warren &Yadira

“Trevor came from Britain to Sacramento [USA] and photographed our wedding. His ability to sense then perfectly capture the mood of everyone on the day was extraordinary. Our photo album lives with a life of its own on our coffee table as it continues to rekindle the cherished memories of our wedding all over again. And with each photo we’re also reminded of Trevor. We feel we had the best photographer in the world.”

Testimonials image 01.

“Our wedding album has stood the test of time”

Paul & Kate

“Trevor did the photography for our wedding at Seaham Hall in 2003. We chose him because we loved the style of his imagery - less posed family shots and more capturing the fun and emotion of the event. He was fantastic to work with on the day and really became part of the wedding. We may have aged somewhat in the past ten years (blame the kids!), but our wedding album has really stood the test of time. The album remains on display in our lounge, rather than locked away in a cupboard, and we enjoy looking through it every year on our anniversary. We often receive comments from people about how lovely the photos are when they see them for the first time. We would highly recommend Trevor to anyone who is looking for a stylish, contemporary and fun wedding album capturing happy memories from their big day which can be shown off to friends and family for years to come.”