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Say Cheese!

Dear Website Visitor,

Welcome to my website. In the 15 years since working as a photographer it has been a real pleasure to have taken the portraits and covered the weddings of many people. I consider myself very fortunate to have such a rewarding occupation, one that gives me the opportunity to produce something that brings great pleasure to others. Along the way I have met some lovely people, some of whom I now consider very good friends. I would like to thank the many customers who have written to me with delightful testimonials, samples of which are included under the Portrait and Wedding sections of the site.

How I Became a Photographer

After a short career in electronic engineering I made what some would say was a bizarre move to take up window cleaning. Though hardly a glamorous job, it allowed me to be my own boss and to devote time to my love for travel. I supplemented my window cleaning income working as a guitarist and entertainer. Being my own boss allowed me to take weeks and sometimes months off at a time to go travelling.

From being young I had a fascination with far-flung places and the extraordinary people who live in them. The more adventurous and remote the place the more I wanted to see it. My first trip took me to South America, where I spent time exploring Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Brazil. I took with me my father's little Yashica compact camera and used 25 rolls of film throughout the six months I was there. I had the most exciting time in those countries, all the while endeavouring to capture the essence of the location and the character of the people. This was the first of many travelling adventures abroad.

My early trips taught me that good photographs rarely just happen. You can't just point and shoot and expect to capture world-class pictures. I knew that I needed to learn more in order to get the quality of image I knew I was capable of.

So to enhance my technical skills I started studying the images in National Geographic magazine, read extensively on the subject and invested in professional camera equipment. This was the start of a concerted effort to realise the true potential of my photography.

After further trips abroad, ranging from five weeks to 11 months in length, I started to build up quite a portfolio of landscape, culture and wildlife photographs. When a new-found interest in Scuba diving took me under the waves my camera came with me. Some of my underwater photography can be viewed on the World section of the site.

On the strength of this expanding travel portfolio, a bride-to-be whose photographer had let her down approached me and asked if I would take her wedding pictures. Although initially hesitant, I'm glad that I did. Once my first album had been created, word spread and before long I had a diary full of wedding bookings. This was the start of my photography career.

One of the couples whose wedding I photographed later asked me to take some portraits of their child. Not quite sure how to go about this, I settled on taking the pictures at their home against a white bed sheet which I fastened to light fittings with clothes pegs. Despite the setting being very make do, the results were good. In fact, the 'peeping baby' image I've used on nearly all my promotional literature and website ever since the outset was taken at a customer's home using the very same bed-sheet set-up.

I now run a dedicated studio facility designed specifically for taking portraits. The bed sheets and clothes pegs may have gone but the same desire to capture spontaneity and personality is still very much there. And I still get tremendous satisfaction from taking portraits.

I knew my customers enjoyed my work and with time came critical recognition and to win a number of awards. My images began appearing in various newspapers, magazines and international travel publications. A most pleasant surprise was winning the coveted Fujifilm Distinctions award, a national competition which is widely considered the highest accolade in the photography industry.

Due to the success of my portrait work I have reduced the number of weddings that I cover. Although demand remains high, I focus my attention on only a handful of wedding projects a year, ensuring that each Trevor Reed wedding album is as fresh as it is exclusive.

Around the World in 15 Years

My travels over 15 years have taken me to a total of 50 countries. The World section of the site contains a selection of images I took during my travels to some of these diverse places. These capture the character, beauty and at times great humour of some of the remarkable people I have encountered, offering an insight into their ways of life. I hope you enjoy browsing them as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

The images, many of which have been displayed at one of the North of England's foremost art galleries, are now released for sale as part of collection of limited-edition world prints. Using the website's bespoke online software you can choose, mount and frame your chosen images or simulate what they look like presented on canvas.Thank you for visiting my website.

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